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I aim to provide outstanding Massage Therapy, that
supports and nurtures you to experience more freedom of
Movement, and a spacious, uplifting Mindset

Effective and Nourishing. This is Massage Therapy that creates space for, and works with YOU. 

Holistic Massage Therapy
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What is Holistic Massage Therapy?

Pregnacy & Postnatal Massage

It is massage that treats not only your body, but your whole person. As adaptable and changeable as you are.

Whether you require nurturing and relaxation, or more relieving remedial type work, Holistic Massage Therapy can help you...

The body works on many levels. More than the physical. More than the mental. We are the sum total of all our layers and structures. And our quality of life is dictated by how these layers interact with each other and the world around us.

If we are experiencing pain or discomfort in our bodies, we often feel grouchy or depressed.

And on the flip side, if we feel anxious and stressed, we notice patterns of tension 'show up' in our body. If the stress is chronic and long lasting, we can even experience physical fatigue and burnout, or health issues like IBS.


For this reason, Holistic Massage takes into account all our layers. The physical. The mental. And the emotional.


It is a professional form of bodywork therapy that draws upon a wide variety of massage modalities from remedial styles to those more relaxation focused, so treatment can be tailored specifically to your needs.

In my treatments I commonly call upon elements of deep tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger points, breathwork, stretching and joint mobilisations together with more traditional swedish massage, mindfulness and deep relaxation techniques to address your needs in a unique way. I also tailor the depth and pressure of the massage techniques I use to the level of comfort appropriate for you.

How Can Holistic Massage Therapy Help Me?



 Holistic Massage Therapy can be helpful in so many ways. Just a few of these are...

Giving you space and time to come back to yourself and reconnect with your body.


Targeting stiffness, knots and discomfort. Relieving aches, pains, headaches and trapped nerves. Releasing fascia and muscular structures, increasing mobility and comfort.


Aiding you to relax and quieten a mind that is normally required to be busy.


Nourishing and supporting you during pregnancy, from the earliest stages through to birth and beyond, offering space, nurturing and care to your transforming body and life (read below for details on Pregnancy and Post Natal Massage.


Or it can be all of these. 









What is Pregnancy & Post Natal Massage?


All the information provided above about about Holistic Massage Therapy is also true of Pregnancy and Post Natal Massage, except that pregnancy and post natal clients often require even more sensitivity and understanding in relation to the incredible changes their bodies and lives are going through.


It is a form of bodywork that truly understands the physical and emotional needs of new mothers and mothers-to-be as they move through this incredible transformation.


Pregnancy Massage can support a woman from the earliest stages of pregnancy (first trimester- yes this is safe with a qualified professional) all the way through to nursing; assisting in relaxation, releasing physical discomforts and connecting her with her baby and body in a unique and beautiful way. A typical session would include a consultation, breathing and relaxation work, and massage (often side lying) on the couch.


Partner sessions are also available where the Father or Birthing Partner can come and share, learn and practice special Pregnancy Massage Techniques they can use to support the mother at home and during birth itself using items found at home such as exercise balls and chairs... even the floor! This way, the birthing partner can feel more included, and the mother has a therapist 'on demand'! 


How Can Pregnancy & Post Natal Massage be Helpful for Me?


It gives space and relief to tight achy muscles.


Takes the weight off bearing a heavy load.


Encourages the puffiness to flush away.


Soothes and prepares ahead of birth.


Heals and nourishes after it.


Learn and share nourishing massage and stretches with your partner for home, birth and beyond.


Creates space in the chest and shoulders weary from nursing.


A time for a lie down, having a break from nurturing so you can be nurtured and nourished yourself.



Nurture- Mum and Baby Massage and Restoration.


New Mums need care, nurturing and connection to heal, transform and thrive in their new roles, and yet they are often not offered this in the Western World. Nurture sessions aim to bridge this gap a little to help Mum feel held, nourished and cared for at a time when she needs it most.


Nurture are unique and nourishing sessions that involve creating a warm, comfortable space for Postnatal Mums and their babies to connect, rest and transition into their new life together (complete with chat, tea and biscuits!). Sessions can be received 1-to-1 (or 1-to- 2 if a baby comes along!) in our cozy clinic or in small groups of mothers and babies at a woman’s home. Mum can bring baby with her or, if she’d like some time for herself, she may choose to come alone. And if she’d like to nap all session… She's very welcome to!


These sessions include Postnatal wellness guidance, self massage for Mum, baby massage tuition, deep relaxation and restorative sleep practices to provide a sanctuary for new mums. It is also a safe space to share and explore the joys and the challenges of entering into motherhood where they can find connection and acceptance among other women who understand, reminding every woman that she is not alone!!

These sessions will be available as one off 90 minute appointments 1-to-1 or bookable as discounted blocks for individuals and groups (prices vary depending on location/number of attendees etc) and can begin as early as week 1 Postpartum. For more information or to register your interest please contact me.

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Nurture- Postnatal Mum & Baby
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Where do I work?


I am lucky enough to work in the lovely market town of Thornbury, South Gloucestershire.


I offer appointments from Castle Clinic on:

Tuesday (9am- 5pm)

Saturday (9am- 1pm/ 1.30pm-5pm) subject to availability.


THE CLINIC | Castle Crafts (




I also work from the Willow Brook Clinic in Bradley Stoke on:

Thursday (11.30am- 6.30pm)

Monday (11am- 6pm)

Every other Saturday (8.45am- 11.30am)

Please note- for bookings at Willow Brook, please contact the clinic directly using the details below...


How much do I charge?

@ Castle Clinic, Thornbury

60 mins: £50

90 mins: £75

120 mins: £100

@ Willowbrook Clinic, Bradley Stoke

45 mins: £42

60 mins: £48











Gift Vouchers 

These are available for all treatments at Castle Clinic only. You can purchase them directly from me, or from Castle Crafts Shop which adjoins the clinic, just pop in and ask at the till. I can also provide an electronic version for those long-distance gifts - the perfect present!


How to Book?

To book an appointment with at Castle Clinic, please contact me via phone, Whatsapp or Email:

07581 387 685


Once we have booked an appointment, I will ask for your email address and send you copies of your Consultation Forms for you to complete electronically ahead of the treatment. I then use this information to ensure we are working as safely as possible in relation to Covid-19, and also to tailor your treatment to any issues you may be experiencing.


Covid-19: If you have any questions about what I'm doing to keep my practice as safe as possible during the Covid-19 Pandemic, please feel free to contact me and I'll be more than happy to help you.

If you wish to book with me at Willowbrook Clinic, please call them directly on

 01454 625201

Gift Vouchers
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About Lauren


All my life I have been interested in the body, how everything is connected and the idea of massage. Some would say I was a unique kid!


But being a sensitive person, many of the experiences that growing brings found me struggling a lot as I entered 'adult life'. With mental health difficulties and feeling like a 'square peg in a round hole' throughout school, I found it hard to connect with 'my calling'. But through my journey of recovering my mental health (and real self!), I rediscovered the importance of taking a holistic approach to life, and by extension reconnected with my childhood wish to learn massage.

I am now an MTI (Massage Training Institute) qualified Holistic Massage Practitioner, including Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology. I graduated in 2015 from the prestigious Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork, and have since gained a wealth of experience in my own practice, clinics, and holistic health spas, including the Bristol Lido.


I am also a qualified APNT Pregnancy and Post-natal Massage practitioner, qualifying with Wellmother, one of the most comprehensive Pregnancy Massage courses available, in 2019. This means I am able to support women through the whole process of pregnancy and motherhood with the true humility, knowledge and compassion required.


Along with my ‘main’ qualifications, I have attended several Professional Development and training courses including Postural Assessment , Holistic facial and Reflexology workshops. I am also a qualified Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist, Master of NLP (Neuro linguistic programming) and Reiki Master Teacher, aspects from all of which I  incorporate into my massage practice, if appropriate.

I am completely in love with this job, because it truly is a calling. And I continue to live as Holistically as possible, and am happier and healthier now than I have ever been... so it certainly works!

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